Welcome To Berrisom Lip Tint


Have you heard of a Magical Lip Stain by Berrisom from Korea? They are everywhere! So many Youtube Gurus have been talking about them for the past few months. I just had to try it. So, of course, I started with RESEARCH, just like you would. So you won’t need to spend a lot of time doing yours, I’ll put everything I learned in this article.

So, first things first. Elle.com’s very own Victoria Dawson Hoff did an article about it! And she said she ordered a lip tint for the same reasons we did, because everyone was talking about it.

“A product of South Korea’s enchanting, expansive beauty market, Berrisom Lip Tint has gained some notoriety recently among Western beauty bloggers, writers, and fans alike.”

” The lip tint came off easily and painlessly, in two pieces (top lip and bottom lip). I took it slow and experienced no bleeding or skin removal (though maybe some dead cells, as it left my lips feeling rather exfoliated). Nope, the only evidence of this saga was a lovely red tint on my lip—similar to a popsicle stain, in a chic way—that miraculously didn’t budge when I licked my lips, drank coffee, ate, or even tried to rub at it over the next several hours. Fashion editor Danielle Prescod even made me put my lips to a notepad for a “kiss test,” which left no trace of color on the white paper.”

I literally can’t wait for you to get yours and let me know about your experience! Get it here TODAY and be one of many women, who NOW experience a better make-up routine.